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The Problem

For as long as Nigeria has had electricity, there has always been a problem of inconsistent power supply.

It affects businesses

This has driven businesses to acquire portable electricity generators and fuel them at such huge costs that many businesses struggle to stay afloat, raise prices to break even and in many cases go out of business due to unsustainable energy expenses.

Homes are not insulated

Households are by no means insulated from the problem; rendering processes like food refrigeration impossible and making the use of non-electric lighting (lanterns, candles etc) necessary. Most families acquire gasoline electricity generators despite the fuel cost as well as the noise and air pollution consequences.

Our solution

Given this cost and the unreliability (of both the grid and gasoline/diesel supply for the private generators), solar energy presents a cost-effective alternative limited only by its high upfront cost.

SolarKobo is a renewable energy company that provides affordable and reliable renewable energy solutions for small businesses and households. SolarKobo will bear the upfront cost of a solar system and charge its customers a more palatable monthly fee. Our major value propositions to our customers are the lower energy cost, higher reliability, and better environmental responsibility. This is in addition to the spared inconvenience of dealing with the vagaries of fuel supply for private generators including price hikes and scarcities.